Date | 01.10.2004 - 01.07.2005
Venue | Sculpture Studios, Kurzbauergasse 9A, 1020 Wien
Exhibition Spaces 2004/2005 Photo: Roland Kollnitz

During the winter semester of 2004 research into exhibition spaces was undertaken in the sculpture classes of Bonvicini, Pernice and Zobernig. An exhibition structure was developed in one of the large studios of the sculpture department in the Prater that would offer the students from all three classes the opportunity to present their work.

The first result of these reflections was a provisional 'wall' (1) developed for Rundgang 2005. The 'wall' was heavily discussed because the zig-zag installation cut the room into two pieces. Resistance against the 'wall' was clearly formulated and out of this discussion arose a working group of students of all three classes in order to develop a long term model.

The working group developed a spatial solution in which a room within the room would be developed. The cube developed by the participants was open on two sides and produced several spatial areas, walls, and intermediate spaces which allowed for different opportunities for exhibiting and use. Weekly exhibitions and mutual exhibitions openings helped to encourage exchange between the classes.

Ovidiu Anton
Nadja Athanassowa
Mona Dornauer
Gerold Fink
Helmut Heiss
Julia Hohenwarter
Paul Arthur Linner
Luciano Parodi
Markus Taxacher
Johannes Vogl
Anna Zwingl

(1) a large majority of students agreed on what would allow the most amount of students to opportunity to present their work: a wall. How such a wall should be constituted and how it should be placed within the space, led to different solutions which were each demonstrated as models. 

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Panoramafoto von Luciano ParodiPhoto: Luciano Parodi
Panoramafoto: Luciano ParodiPhoto: Luciano Parodi