Date | 01.09.2019 - 01.09.2021
Venue | national parks Austria, Stift Admont

for the realisation of sculptures in the region of
the national parks Austria

„DENKMAL ANDERS“ Collection Stift Admont
Photo: Theresa Katharina Horlacher

The purpose of the projects DENKMAL ANDERS is, to sustainably contribute to the support of the awareness for the protection of species and biodiversity.
As part of the academic education young artists develop memory signs – and forms that can be rethought within the sphere of the local flora and fauna and are dedicated to those. This will happen in a tight collaboration with the natural sciences and the six national parks Austria.

Within the framework of lectures and conversations, the topic „Remembrance” will be examined through a historico-cultural and contemporary lens. The meaning of cultural memory, its forms and functions will be analysed.
Commemorations will be transformed into a new context.

© Magª Katharina Oder, Project coordination

Project support: Magª Katharina Oder in collaboration with the Museum Stift Admont, faculty of culture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, department for Textual Sculpture, Association of the national parks Austria

Winter semester 2019/20, summer semester 2019/20
Excursions to the national parks, talks, lectures, conversations, discussions on the topic

Exkursion Nationalpark Neusiedlersee

National Park Neusiedlersee

Nationalpark thayatal

National Park Thayatal


National Park Gesäuse


National Park Gesäuse


Nationalpark Gesäuse

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