Sasha Auerbakh, Majia, Philipp Grünewald, Heimo Zobernig and textuelle Bildhauerei at ACADEMIÆ | YOUTH ART BIENNALE 2018, Opening: 6 July 2018, 7 pm at Fortezza, Franzensfeste, Alto Adige, Suedtirol, Italy
Date | 07.07.2018 - 31.10.2018
Venue | Fortezza, Franzensfeste, Alto Adige, Suedtirol, Italy

“where Plato tought”
on invitation by Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen and Christian Jankowski

ACADEMIÆ | YOUTH ART BIENNALE 2018 Installation and Foto by Philipp Grünewald

„In 2018, for the first time, the occasion arose to exploit a hitherto unused area of the Franzensfeste. This part – the last bastion of defence – is accessible only via an underground tunnel. Its cave-like character refers to the philosophical heavyweight Plato, the great-grandfather of schools and academies. In the title of the bienniale Plato stands for a person who gathered people around him through a need for cognition and speaking. This is where the establishment of clubs, gangs and classes starts. The unofficial, somewhat irreverent subtitle of the biennial is: “Teaching Art – Is it Art or a Fart?”

I would like to invite internationally exciting classes, which will contribute from various practices in teaching. They will occupy the individual spaces and parts of the fortress and have carte blanche. In a further part of “Where Plato Taught”, I wish to exhibit the teaching of art in a video projection room under the working title “Zeugen der Lehre [Witnesses of Teaching]”. The upcoming Biennale should take visitors on a voyage of discovery through the art of young artists and the academic landscapes that are behind them.“ (Christian Jankowski)

xWork by Sasha Auerbakh, Foto by Philipp Grünewald

xWork by Majia, Foto by Philipp Grünewald
xInstallation and work by Philipp Grünewald with drawings by Fabian Leitgeb