Date | 01.10.2009 - 01.07.2010
Venue | Brno, Prague, Vienna, Zlìn

Exchange Project with Prague

Aktion 2009-2010 Photo: Michi Rapp

Excursion to Brno, size up photograph

1 Exhibition and 1 Workshop in Prag

Galerie Rakouského Kulturního Fóra Kurátor výstavy Jiří Sevčík
Praha 1, Jungmannovo Nám. 18 Pondělí - Pátek 10 - 17 Hodin 10.12.2009 - 30.01.2010

Steffi Alte
Julia Haller
Benjamin Hirte
Simon Iurino
Eric Kläring
Imre Nagy
Pia Niewöhner
Adeline Parrot
Osama Zatar

Workshop November 2010 (report by Pavel Humhal)
20.11. Students from Vienna arrived to Prague
21.11. Collective sightseeing of Prague
22.11. 10am-3pm a group excursion leaded by Pavel Humhal focused on architecture: 1.Budova Dopravních podniků-funcionalismus, Tančící dům (Dancing House), Gallery Tranzit-Display – a lecture, Church of St. Ignatus – baroque

4pm a workshop leaded by Christian Kobald starts

Christian Kobald is an artist, editor of spike art quarterly (, and, jointly with Severin Dünser, run COCO Kunstverein in Vienna (co- His education: philosophy (University of Vienna), art history, cul- tural history, and history of ideas (University of Applied Arts) in the 90s. The title of workshop:... Paint, Chairs, Food, Electric and Neon Lights, Smoke, Water, Old Socks, a Dog, Movies, a Thousand Other Things This workshop was based on these phylosofical and critical texts:
Two texts on sculpture by Swiss critic and curator Daniel Baumann. Paragraph from Allan Kaprow‘s »The Legacy of Jackson Pollock«, Georges Perec‘s essay »Approaches to What?, and »Understanding«, the last chapter of Pierre Bourdieu‘s »The Weight Of The World« , Lucy Lippard‘s »Six Years«, Structural Anthropolgy 2« by Claude Levi- Strauss

artists/work, important in the context:
Rachel Harrison, Isa Genzken, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jeff Koons, Heidi Bucher, Manfred Pernice, the »Peter« Sculptures, the Pallet Sculptures, and the »Sozialkistentransporter« by Martin Kippenberger, and Jeremy Deller‘s and Alan Kane‘s»Folk Archive«

25.11. 12am, a collective visit of Müller villa, 4pm a lecture leaded by Pavel Humhal focused on an architecture and a special technique „stucco“
26.11. 6pm a final meeting, visiting Code Mode

27.11. traveling to Brno, visiting the exhibitions: Wannieck Gallery, House of Arts, Moravian Gallery

28.11. a collective lecture focused on Brno architecture leaded by Osa
ma Okamura, group lunch in a funkcionalistic house, exhibition About Flowers

Students from Austria taking part in the workshop: Kathrin Affentranger, Steffi Alte, Martin Hotter, Wenzel Kersten, Stefan Klampfer, Diana Lam
- bert, Christian Ruchnewitz, Albert Sackl, Jutta Zimmermann

Students from Czech Republic taking part in the workshop: Petra Mikolášová, Karel Kunc, Eliška Perglerová, Jan Rous, Viktor Takáč, Tomáš Moravec, Tomáš Uhnák, Jaroslava Kadlecová, Jan Pfeiffer

A cooperation between Jiří Ševčík, Dominik Lang, Jiří Příhoda, Simone Bader, Roland Kollnitz, Heimo Zobernig

With friendly support from AKTION Austria - Czech Republic Science and Education Cooperation and the Czech Centre