Date | 01.01.2012 - 06.06.2012
Venue | Textual Sculpture, Böcklinstraße 1 / Kurzbauergasse 9, 1020 Wien
Crystal Kitchen by Noële Ody 2012 Crystal Kitchen initiated by Noële Ody

Christopher Steinweber and William Knaack / Bench with wall panelling
Tonio Kröner / Drawer handles 
Cäcilia Brown / Refrigerator handles, Delivery service - Color card
Toni Schmale / Garbage can, Doubled standing ashtray, Pot mounting 
Elisabeth Greinecker / Spice rack
Julian Turner / Bench for outside or inside
Jakob Traxlmayr / Stool
Michèle Pagel / Lamp 
Christian Ruchnewitz / Different lighting 
Amitai Romm / Wall lamp
Rosa Doornenbal / Standing ashtray
Gabriele Edlbauer / Cutting board
Kiosk (Liesl Raff/Eva Seiler) / Markise (Facade design by Helmut Heiss and Julian Feritsch)
Karoline Dausien / Aprons, Hooks
Steffi Alte / Sink
Tobias Klauser / Coaster, Microwave recess
Roland Kollnitz / Drying rack
Simon Iurino / Tiles
Nora Rekade / Catalog
Noële Ody / Concept, Kitchen block, Dinning table, 
Microwave recess