Date | 21.05.2014 - 23.05.2014
Venue | Zlín

Excursion from 21. to 23.05.2014 on invitation by Dominik Lang and Edith Jerabkova at UMPRUM Prague

ZLÍN Excursion 2014 Archive textual sculpture

The project Participative Methodology of Art Education – AAAD Prague and Akbild Vienna applied collaborative procedures directly into the exhibition, seminar and workshop practices of the students. The project included three different methodological forms – exhibition, seminar and workshop, which themselves involved a cooperative approach and result, that was then reflected upon and evaluated. Students from Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and students from Tomas Bata University in Zlín were also included in some of the activities. The project emphasized academic based seminars that were developed further in experimental workshops. The exhibitions connected the project participants and presented their works to the public. Those works were situated into the environment of Zlín so that the students could communicate directly with the social structure of the city through Baťa’s social engineering, Bata’s architecture, the shoes collection, the film studios Bonton Zlín and current institutions like Regional Gallery of Fine Art in Zlín and the Museum of South East Moravia in Zlín.

Selected works by the students from both schools were exhibited. Central to the concept of the exhibition and the works are the ideas of Mario Perniola in his book „Art and It’s Shadow“. According to Perniola it is not merely the final art piece that is considered the only important factor to the work. The student’s work explored those processes in art which aren’t highlighted by the gallery or the studio, but which take place in the shadow of an artwork. The artworks then, being spared the limelight, retain more real contours and capture what is substantial and what is not just mediated. At the same time if too well lit the shadow fades and it seems that in its area the processes and statements are less exploitable. Students from AAAD in Prague and AdBK participated in exhibitions in Vienna and AFA in Prague and were selected by the curators Edith Jeřábková and Dominik Lang with the professional assistance of Heimo Zobernig, Simone Bader, Jiri Prihoda and Pavel Humhal. Tomáš Svoboda was responsible for the exhibition architecture and had the assistance of students from the Architecture Department at AAAD in Prague. The final exhibition in Vienna, curated by Simone Bader and Heimo Zobernig with professional assistance of Edith Jeřábková and Dominik Lang, reflected the outcome of the workshops and the seminars that took place in Zlín.

2. Seminar and workshop in Zlín – May 2014

In addition to two exhibitions in Prague and one in Vienna an important part of the project were the seminars and workshops in Zlín, which connected the students with academic research and institutions and introduced the students to dialogical and discursive team working methods. In the seminar they discussed local issues with experts, such as: the new reconstruction of the Bata Memorial, the Memorial’s architecture and architect, problems with memorials generally, the regional gallery that moved out of the former House of Arts, former exhibition of the shoe museum in Bata Memorial, regional collections of international significance, the consequences of the avantgarde conception of the city as machine, city as a „franchise“, as well as other topics. The experts included:
PhDr Václav Mílek, director of  Regional Gallery of Fine Arts (KGVU) in Zlín; Mgr. Rostislav Koryčánek, former director of The Brno House of Arts; architect and curator of the exhibition Bata’s Cities Mgr. Markéta Březovská; Mgr. Ladislava Horňáková, curator of architecture, the Head of special department of KGVU in Zlín; Osama Okamura, professional supervisor of magazine ERA21; PhDr. Zdeněk Pokluda, Tomas Bata University in Zlin; Silvie Pacalová, Ateliers Bonton Zlín; Lenka Tutschová, Gallery Kabinett Zlín; Mgr. Miroslava Štýbrová, curator of the shoe collection in Museum of South East Moravia in Zlín; Mgr. Hana Kuslová from historical department of Museum of South East Moravia in Zlín; MgA. Tomáš Svoboda, specialist for exhibition issues. Seminars and workshops took place in KGVU in Zlín and focused on issues of public space, memorialization, collections and their presentation and were organized and structured by both participating schools and by Martin Fišr, curator of the Multimedia Collection in KGVU in Zlín. The workshop had an experimental character and continued after the end of the project at each respective school.


10. – 11. 12. 2013 Edith Jeřábková, Dominik Lang, Jan Haubelt and the students of the Sculpture Studio at AAAD in Prague visited Textual Sculpture Studio of Akbild in Vienna. The students introduced themselves and Edith Jeřábková, Dominik Lang, Simone Bader and Heimo Zobernig presented the concept of the project to the students and provided them with basic literature and materials. Jeřábková and Lang visited the student’s individual studios to review their work and to choose works for the exhibitions in Prague.

2. 1. – 1. 2. 2014 Jeřábková and Lang worked on the conception of the exhibitions in Prague collaborated closely with Mariana Serranova from Czech Centre, Jiří Machalický from gallery NoD Prague, and MgA. Tomáš Svoboda, architect of the exhibition, and others in preparing the exhibition.

1. 2. – 4. 2. 2014 Jeřábková, Lang, Svoboda, Bader, Zobernig and students from AAAD Prague and Akbild Vienna installed the exhibitions.

5. 2. 2014 Opening of „Art And It’s Shadow“ in galleries Czech Centers and NoD in Prague. Opening speech: Jeřábková, Lang, Bader, Zobernig

10. 2. – 18. 5. 2014 Organization and preparation of the seminar and workshop in Zlín. Edith Jerabkova organized the seminar, guided tours etc., and set up a timetable for the seminar and communicated with the invited lecturers. She also arranged the interpreters. Jan Haubelt was in charge of accommodation for all participants and the travel for the AAAD Prague students. Dominik Lang, Simone Bader, Heimo Zobernig and Roland Kollnitz prepared the workshop and Bader took care of the Akbild Vienna student’s travel.

20. – 23. 5. 2014 Seminar and Workshop in Zlín

20. 5. Arrival to Zlín, accommodation, lunch, 14:00 guided tour at KGVU Zlín, Memorial of Tomáš Baťa, city architecture and the Museum of
South East Moravia in Zlín and the shoe collection

21. 5. From 10:00 till 18:00 seminar with lunch break. Discussion between students and lecturers.

22. 5. From 10:00 till 18:00 workshop based on the seminar, lectures AAAD and Akbild pedagogy, evening walk through the city.

23. 5. From 10:00 till 15:00 workshop. Lunch break and final discussion together. From 17:00 Departure

24. 5. – 9. 6. 2014 Finishing the student’s works and the projects at their schools

1. 10. – 1. 11. 2014 Preparation of the exhibition in Vienna at EG Nord at Akademy of Fine Arts Vienna

Workshops in ZlínArchive textual sculpture
Workshops in ZlínArchive textual sculpture
Workshops in ZlínArchive textual sculpture
Workshops in ZlínArchive textual sculpture
Workshops in ZlínArchive textual sculpture