Date | 11.09.2016, 3.00 p.m.
Venue | publication release
Arnezhoferstrasse 1
1020 Wien
72 Photo: Fabian Leitgeb


Artist in Residence at sculpture park Unterpremstetten/Graz

Including works/contributions by:

Sasha Auerbach
Samuel Bich
Max Engel
Jennifer Gelardo
Benjamin Grodin
Philipp Grünewald
Rebekka Hilmer Heltoft
Katharina Hölzl
Anna Holtz
Nora Jacobs
Carl-Oskar Jonssen
Eric Kläring / Heimo Zobernig
Roland Kollnitz
Fabian Leitgeb
Laura Lintrup
Emanuel Mauthe / Florian Mayr
Billie Meskens
Jelena Micić
Cecilie Norgaard
Wolfgang Novotny
Bianca Phos
Martyn Reynolds
Ania Shestakova
Myles Starr
Julia Wallisch
Alexander Jackson Wyatt

Graphic design
Samuel Bich / Katharina Hölzl / Fabian Leitgeb

Print run 150
ISBN 978-3-901031-22-9

Based on my experience with exhibitions in which a lot of artists are involved, I know how difficult it can be for many to fit into the big picture. Clearly distinguishable spaces are usually preferred, or to put it in more general terms: a distance to all the others. For the project at the Sculpture Park the students of the class of Textual Sculpture decided on the opposite to this need for differentiation. We took up notions of being together and of density.

In general, it is not visible what actually holds together a group or community of artists, friends, family or others. It can be understood as one of the tasks of the arts to make relationships apparent. We have named this understanding the ‘super-structure’. This super-structure is a sculpture by Roland Kollnitz. It has made possible all the participating artists and their individualities to be staged in great proximity to one another. Another prerequisite for our sculptural project was the coordination of Simone Bader which in this case accounts for the invisible cohesion of the artworks.

The aim of the artist-in-residency contribution by the class of Textual Sculpture at the Austrian Sculpture Park in the area known as Unterpremstätten, near Graz was the organisation of a super-structure. And with it, the congregation of the wide spectrum of our sculptural approaches on the platform created by Eric Kläring and me. The presentation took place during the mid-summer festivities on September 11th in 2016.

Heimo Zobernig